Isaac Corder

Hi my name is Isaac Corder.
I am from Memphis, TN.
Im a graphic design artist and animator.
I am in love with art, games, and music.
This website is for showing off my work
and inspiration.

Metal Gear Solid 2

Metal Gear Solid's stealth game design is something to be marveled at and the art design translates well from game to outside very well as being realistic but also exagerated technology and other such things.



A under water adventure full of mystery and exploration. Abzu is a creative show of how games can help us explore worlds that people create for us. The Art design is incredible and always is consistently impressive.

Super Mario Galaxy

Mario galaxy is a beautiful masterpiece of an audio visual experience. Through planets and stars mario moves like a charm in this entry of mario with an added spin jump his moves feel like a refined version of sunshines. The music is what inspires me most. With its gourgeous, fun, classical tunes the game feels epic in scope.


Street Fighter Alpha 2

The amalgam of other fighting game elements put into this entry feels like the perfect version of any of the other street fighters. The diverse cast of the alpha series is a good way to bring in new people and the competitive scene is still thriving. The art direction is amazing and the soundtrack always gets me pumped.